Oct 30

Using Proper Etiquette When at Airports

Airports are a means of connecting one part of the world with another. You can get to practically any destination across the globe by flying in an airplane. With all of the added security and safety measures that have been implemented in recent years, following appropriate etiquette when you are having your bags screened can be challenging. With the time spent in line-ups and the delays that often occur, remaining calm and cool can prove to be difficult. Regardless of what has led to you to take a flight, following proper etiquette will make your trip more pleasant and less problematic.

When it comes to airports, the more you know before you get there, the less likely you will be to have your temper flare. Find out what the present guidelines are for acceptable and prohibited items for the bags that you will carry on the plane. These guidelines are subject to change from time to time. Whether you fly often or just once in a while, you should educate yourself about the guidelines that are in place before you pack your bags to go anywhere. To find out this information, check the website for the airline or place a call to them so you are informed about these pertinent matters.

There are certain documents that all airports expect passengers to have with them when they check in and before they board their aircraft. Gather all of the documents you need for your trip before your departure date arrives and keep them with you in a convenient and safe place. These documents include your passport, boarding pass, ticket, photo identification, travel insurance cards, and your itinerary. Find out ahead of time if there are any other types of documents that you need to have on your person when you take off.

Be aware of what regulations you are expected to comply with as a passenger on a plane. Use your investigative powers to research everything you need to know before you are standing in the line for security to go through your luggage. The regulations will apply to your carry-on luggage, as well as the bags you check at the desk.

Prepare the items you will take with you in your carry-on bags. Liquid items must contain 100 ml or less and must be placed in a clear bag and taken out of your sac when you are being screened by security officers. If you bring a laptop with you on your trip, it must be removed and will go through the scanning machine on its own, separate from the other belongings in your carrying case. It is advisable that you place a sticker or label on your laptop with your name on it so it will be easily identifiable as yours.

You must remove your shoes or boots at the security checkpoint, so make sure you wear ones that can be taken off easily. The line will be slowed down if you wear fussy shoes that are complicated to get your feet out of.


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Oct 25

Tips to Purchase Air Tickets

Everyone loves travelling, be it for personal reasons, business trips, educational tours and much more. Whether you are a frequent traveller or this is your first time, you can find many options on the internet to buy air tickets. However, if you plan in advance and know about the nuances of air ticket booking, you can save a lot of money on your trip.

Below are few tips for saving money on travel:

Email alerts: This is one of the most significant steps in the procedure of booking air tickets for a pre planned journey. If you are sure about your tour, then it’s recommended to reserve your tickets three months in advance. You must sign up for Email alerts to get aware of the best and cheapest flights to your desired destination. Various travel companies regularly float e- mails to their signed up customers to inform them about their latest offers and deals on low airfares and holiday packages

Best Time to Book: It is a known fact that air fares are generally costly on weekends, holidays and during festivals. It has been observed that the best deals and offers are normally available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It is also recommended to purchase tickets at 3PM on Tuesdays as most of the air lines change their pricing during that time. Thus, if you are looking for a budget holiday, you must plan your trip in off-season when airfares are low and probability of getting the cheapest air ticket is high.

Book in Advance: To save more, you should start planning for your holiday beforehand. To get the best deals, you must reserve tickets three months in advance for International flights and six weeks in advance for domestic flights.

Compare with all available Airlines: It is always beneficial to search online for various airline services and compare them to shortlist the best one that suits your requirements. To beat out the competition, different airlines come up with great discount and hot deals to lure customers to their websites. Not only these airlines offer great deals on tickets but also other free services like extra baggage, coach services and many more. So, one must carry out intensive research before making the payment to save yourself from various online frauds.

Ways to Book Tickets: There are myriad ways to reserve flight tickets like airline offices, through various travel agents and reliable travel portals. However, it’s optimum to book online through travel portals for many reasons. It saves lot of time and gives you the facility of comparing rates of various airlines and different flights going to your preferred destination. Also travel agents might not provide you the information of budget airlines and may ask for a handsome amount of commission.

It is indeed very simple to purchase tickets and doesn’t require you to be internet savvy to carry out online searches for finding best travel deals. You just need to keep in mind various facts about pricing of tickets before you book them. Explore the world stress-free!


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Oct 17

Control Your Asthma Through Home Remedies

Asthma is a serious problem and requires your attention in treating it. Developing an asthma action plan with the help of your doctor can go a long way in controlling your problem. Here are some natural simple home remedies to help with asthma:


Turmeric is a yellow coloured spice used in a number of South Asian cuisine. Turmeric has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the release of COX-2 prostaglandins hormone-like substance that is responsible for inflammation. You ca drink about a teaspoon of turmeric powder along with warm milk or take turmeric in the form of capsule.


Ginkgo is a chinese herb which has been used for treatment of asthma for a long time. Taking about 60 to 250 mg of ginkgo once a day can help in easing your breathing problem.


Garlic has been known to decrease asthma symptoms by decreasing chest congestion. Make a garlic tea by boiling 2 3 cloves of garlic with water. Add a small amount of tea to make it taste better and drink this mixture once a day.


That heavenly aroma of coffee is quite tempting, especially in the morning. Here is the good news, coffee has chemicals that help in increasing the diameter of air passage. Drinking a cup of coffee may actually give a good start to a day free of coughing, wheezing or gasping.


The usefulness of honey for health has been proven from time to time. Taking about half a teaspoon of honey along with a pinch of cinnamon powder just before going to bed can give you a peaceful night’s sleep. Not only this, but inhaling honey can also reduce chest congestion because of the natural aromatic compounds present in it.


Ginger can also prove helpful in reducing asthma symptoms. Take about an inch of ginger, cut it into small pieces and boil it with water. Allow the mixture to cool and drink it. This will help in reducing wheezing and coughing.

Sea food:

Omega 3 fatty acids work much like leukotriene inhibitors, a class of asthma drugs. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in abundance in salmon, tuna and mackerel. Add these fishes to your diet.

Mustard Oil:

Mixing mustard oil with a small amount of camphor and rubbing it with gentle hands on the chest, during an asthma attack can give relief from coughing and gasping. Massaging ith mustard oil helps in clearing air passage and eases breathing.

You will find a number of remedies for asthma. Some of them might work for your while others don’t. It is essential that you first consult your doctor before trying any of these remedies.


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Oct 11

Inhalers As a Mode of Controlling Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease accompanied by breathlessness. These bouts of breathlessness are called ‘attacks’. The severity and frequency of each attack of breathlessness varies from person to person. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that globally 235 million people suffer from asthma. This chronic disease is very common among children. Though not very fatal, 80% of asthma related deaths occur in low income countries. Asthma is under diagnosed and under treated thus creating financial burden on families and restricting physical activity of the patient. This restriction sometimes is for lifetime. Asthma cannot be fully cured. But it can be controlled. The strongest risk factors that trigger asthma are a mix of hereditary reasons and environmental triggers. Tobacco smoke, air pollutants, chemical irritants and other similar environmental factors are known to trigger asthma attacks.

The best way to prevent asthma attacks is to be careful about environmental and other triggers and safely stay away from them. However, what to do when actually the attack happens? Steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs and bronchodilators relax the muscles that tighten the air flow. Inhalers are the most commonly used devices to deliver the asthma drugs directly to lungs. It is generally a handheld device. Inhalers can be Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI) or Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs). MDIs deliver medications through a small handheld canister. DPIs require the patient to breathe deeply and quickly. Because of this DPIs are difficult to use during asthma attacks when it is difficult to breathe normally. Some patients specially children find it difficult to use MDIs and DPIs.

Then the doctor may prescribe a breathing machine. These machines convert the asthma medication from liquid to a mist. This makes it very easy to inhale. Generally a mouth piece is used in this process. But the medicine pushed in this way may take some more time to take effect. But their main advantage is ease of use as a patient can breathe absolute normally and effortlessly to utilize them. A breathing machine can be hand held or otherwise. They can also be portable for on road medication. They are most effective when the patient is breathing absolutely normally. Rapid deep breathing reduces the impact. So for children, this is best done when they are sleeping. Sometimes the choice of MDI or breathing machine is a difficult one. Inputs from the physician are important. However a few tries will tell which one is best for which patient.


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Oct 09

The Networking Bypass

We all know the importance of “getting out there” and networking. As we are looking for a new opportunity, in transition, growing a business or being more professional, it is essential to market ourselves. But in the mist of all these events, conversations and connections, sometimes there are certain things which are still not in place. Of course, we can not wait until circumstances are perfect to launch our academics, careers, business etc. So what do professionals, students, entrepreneurs do or say when our objectives are not crystal clear? In these cases, do not avoid networking functions or skirt around the topics/encounters.

Listed below are helpful tips for making the most of your business and social engagements.

Online Presence

Perhaps you have started a business or re-branding and do not have a functional website up and running. In your industry or business, you get a percentage of your customers and referrals from online resources etc. At your next event, offer your potential customer or client to connect with you via email. Send an email with a flier, list of services or any relevant information in regards to you or your business. Offer to connect on additional social media outlets to extend your business and following. Make sure to send a personal message with your website link, once the site is published to the public.

Professional Experience

If you are new in your organization, industry or business it can be difficult establishing credibility with little experience. In this case, focus on other aspects of your professional or academic career which can build your brand and marketability. For example, if you are a lawyer and recently started a private practice, mention the school you attended. Engage your potential clients in any of your specialties. Mention top clients or awards which you received.

Products / Services

If you are an entrepreneur and have a new business, this is an excellent opportunity to find new clients. Talk about how you are different from your competition and how you would service specific needs and offer solutions and advice. Offer knowledge about incentives offers and promotions. If you are a consultant, share the different methods of how you coach and advise your clients.

Hopefully, these tips and practical suggestions can enhance your credibility and networking skills. Use these to capitalize on opportunities to connect with others and grow in your endeavors.


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Oct 01

Why It Is Important To Get The Best Unlimited Email Hosting

One of the many aspects of running a business is communication. The circuits of communication are what allow you to keep in touch with customers, investors, and other members of your company. For this reason, having an email hosting service is an extremely important consideration. However, this consideration does not just stop at having an email hosting company; you are going need the best unlimited service around! Here a few reasons why it is important to get the best unlimited email hosting.

Archived Mail Folders

If email is one of the primary methods of communication in your business, you will likely end up with a lot of important mail that needs to be saved. Some services put a cap on the amount of data that can be archived. However, if you get the best unlimited email hosting, you can keep these important messages indefinitely and save as many as you need too. These emails may also come with attachments that take up large quantities of data. On a standard service, this would eat through your available space very quickly. Having unlimited email means that all of this information is saved and available for when you need it most.

Interbusiness Communication

Many businesses use email for memos and weekly status updates. This means a lot of back and forth with all branches of your company, which leads to a lot of emails. Some services that put a cap on the number of emails sent or received can leave your company in the dark for important information. By choosing to get the best unlimited email hosting, you can send all the emails you need to customers, employees, and investors without having to worry about the number sent. Communication within a business makes all aspects smoother and can help you secure the bottom line.

Email Accounts

Every business hopes to grow and hire new employees that will need access to the company’s email services. This means that the number of accounts your service allows is very important. Getting the best unlimited email hosting means you will never run out of spaces for future growth. Some companies put a cap on the number of accounts allowed on their service. This can be a hassle if your business opens a new division or hires a lot of new people. Choosing a reputable company will allow you to grow without having to worry about the logistics of email accounts.


In today’s world, the security of your company’s email information is very important. Some services do not take this into consideration and leave loopholes where your company can become compromised. If you get the best unlimited email hosting, you can rest assured that all of this sensitive information is in protected hands. Be sure when you are looking for your email hosting services that you choose a quality company and don’t forget to ask about what security measures the company provides.

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Sep 25

4 Helpful Strategies That Can Help You Attract Franchisees

It has become a daunting task for franchisors to find quality franchisees. Most businesses that start a franchise system may fall short of their expectations. This means that these franchise system hardly attain their goals or marketing objectives. Moreover, the franchise industry has become a competitive one and proper planning and research must be carried out.

Franchisors that fall short of their expected numbers almost always end up recruiting prospects of lesser quality. And this inclusion is counter-productive and ends up being a burden to the franchisor for the long-term. So what are the best ways to attract quality franchisees? Read on.

1. Website Clout

Franchise applicants need to be armed with prompt and valuable information. The Internet offers you an opportunity to do just that. And it is important for you to leverage on this opportunity with a good website where comprehensive information can be found. Remember that first impressions count. So upload an effective website that attracts prospects and engages them to take action by calling your hotlines.

2. Online marketing

There are too many things that fight for our attention online. You need to promote your website if you want to get noticed. People would never know what great product or service that you offer by chance. They need to be made aware of it first. Be ready to spend money on advertising and traffic sources that get people to visit your site. You can use free online tools to check out the source of your traffic and from where it is originating from. Depending on how much traffic you get, you can intensify your efforts or abandon them altogether.

3. Qualify Your Leads

It is important to have a website that gives people enough information and spurs them into action. Every prospect that you attract to your website must have a basic understanding of the business and offer before reaching out to a franchisor. It helps to place interactive videos on your site and a frequently asked questions section page. Studies show that people seeking franchise opportunities are always on the hunt for clear points of difference. Ensure that you always highlight your unique selling points and why your franchise stands apart from the crowd.

4. Explain Procedures

When it comes to looking for franchisees, you need to be as honest and as transparent as possible. This shows that you take your business very seriously and that you have nothing to hide. It is one thing to generate leads. However, it is another thing to simplify the recruitment process and select the best franchisees that can take your business growth to the next level.

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Sep 25

Make Money Work for You (Franchising)

In order to become financially free, you have to start saving a percentage of your income every month, so you could invest that savings into something that will eventually start to put money back into your pocket. To help increase your chances of success as a new investor, I have put together a list of some of the most popular and profitable investments I could find for under $10,000. I’ve also included a list of pros and cons which I hope will help assist you on your quest towards becoming financially free.

Buying a franchise has very little risk when compared to starting an independent business from scratch. When you buy a franchise you’re buying into an already established and successful business system that has been tired and proven to work. Your product or service has been promoted to where its almost guaranteed to sell. Training will also be provided by the parent company(franchisor), which will also help to increase your chances of success. I know you’re probably wondering, If its such a great investment then why doesn’t everyone with dreams of starting their own business buy a franchise. Mostly because buying a franchise can be really expensive. However, on certain websites you can find some for under ten thousand dollars, which is why I added buying a franchise to this list. In the section below, I have included a list of pros & cons to help you through this very important decision making process.


- A franchisor is selling you a business system that has been proven to work for operating a business and generating profits.

- The franchisor is suppose to provide you with a team of experience people to support and help you every step of the way, so that even though you’re in business for yourself, you’re not by yourself

- You’re buying into an already established brand name


- Less freedom (as a franchisee, you have to conform to the uniform operating procedures of a franchisor vs as an independent business owner you can run your business however you see fit).

- You will have to pay royalty payments every year in return for support in operations and advertising.

- In most cases, its more expensive to buy a brand name franchise -vs- starting an independent business.

- Even though the franchisor will promise to be there every step of the way, sometimes the franchisee is left with the responsibility of solving their problems on their own.


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Sep 20

Starting A Car Wash Business

So, you’ve decided to start a car wash business?

There are many steps in the process and each needs to be implemented correctly or your business will not be all it can be. We will outline here the process that needs to be taken and the sequence in which they should be undertaken. This should not be seen as a race and haste will lead to mistakes. Your goal is to open and operate a successful car wash business not to open one in a hurry that has limited success. Maximise your return with a judicial plan and carry out that plan to success.

You will first need to decide if you are going to do it alone or will you buy a car wash franchise. Buying a franchise may be easier as the experts will presumably already have opened other successful franchises and will have a road map for you to follow. If you decide to do it alone or even if you take the Franchisee route you would still need to be mindful of the steps to follow. With any franchise offering you would seek out the franchisors disclosure document. This document, amongst other purposes, must outline all the expected costs that you would expect to incur in starting or running your car wash business. You would also be able to seek independent accounting and legal advice to ensure that anything you didn’t understand could be explained to you. Generally a car wash business requires a substantial investment of your capital. A professional can assist you develop your business plan. Amongst other things this plan can assist you with a cash flow analysis to determine what cash reserves you will require. If you have selected a franchise these details are outlined in the disclosure statement of the Franchise you have selected to buy. Expected costs of various items including rental, legal costs, operating costs etc will all be outlined in the disclosure document provided to you by the franchisor. Contact details of existing franchisees and past franchisees will also be in the disclosure document and you can supplement your own research by calling these people to determine costs and returns to be expected commensurate with your level of input to the business.

You would need to determine the type of business you will operate. You can elect to run a hand car washing operation or set up a machine or tunnel wash. Obviously technology will reduce your labour requirements but it comes at a significantly higher set up cost to that of a simple hand wash business.

The advantage of the manual wash is that customers will pay more for the perceived quality of a hand wash, wax and polish than they would a machine wash. This can also lead to detailing work for regular customers, which can significantly add to the profitability of your business.

With tunnel or machine washes you would also need to factor in depreciation of equipment and the refurbishment or replacement of machinery at end of life.

You can circumvent the uncertainty of setting up your car wash business by buying a business that is already established. This would sell on a multiple of 1 to 3.5 times net annual earnings and although you are paying a premium over setting up your own new business at least you would be assured of ongoing customers and revenue.

You would need to determine if you were going to operate in a shopping centre, multi level car park, or private lease. In either choice you would need to negotiate a lease term and rental. These figures are important as they impact on profitability greatly. Careful thought is required here. Again if you have elected to buy a franchise then a lot of this work is done for you with site selection and lease negotiation usually offered as part of your franchise investment.

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Sep 15

How To Start A Mobile Coffee Franchise In China

For those who follow the news even in the littlest bit, know that China is nowhere near inexperienced when it comes to franchises. Every fast food enterprise, McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc., have their names established in this country of mega growth. It’s no surprise that fast food does so well here with the majority of people rising out of poverty and joining the middle class. They need food and drinks. They need them fast. If you were to open a mobile coffee franchise in this area, it would also find itself in the spotlight of success. The following guide explains why and how you can put your coffee business in China and find yourself making millions.

There are 1.3 billion people in China. This is a staggering number in comparison to what it was only 50 years ago. In a recent survey conducted by Mobile Coffee Franchise International, 50% of this nation drinks caffeinated beverages and most of this caffeine comes from coffee. Think about how rapidly your own personal business would grow in a place like this. There is no better place than China, which is projected to double its economy in the next decade. You will be serving coffee beans to the strongest country in the world.

Despite the rules and regulations of a mobile coffee franchise being quite clear in countries like England and the United States, grey areas start to appear when dealing with China. Global fast food businesses have noted that food challenges appear when regulations change multiple times in hands of different leaders. One specifically challenging rule is the enforcement of franchisors needing to invest in personal outlets before selling rights to other entrepreneurs. This means that your coffee business would have to need multiple storefronts and vans all operated by you before you a start giving the rights away to Chinese citizens. Your initial investment will have to be huge.

Franchising still leans on the side of being a new business plan in China and your mobile coffee franchise will need to be flexible to survive the changing scenery. The government will initially not know what to make of your automobile storefronts serving steaming hot beverages so you need to move in slowly. All business in China requires a level of trust from person to person so this is not an endeavour you can just start and quickly leave. 1 to 3 years of working in local major city markets is recommended before you start trying to franchise your coffee beans. Trust is strong but takes patience.

Mobile coffee franchise owners also need to be aware of the out-dated set of rules that the Chinese still work with. Despite stringent use of policy and law between city officials and business owners, there is still some behind the scene deals going on. A citizen’s own company for example could take your coffee trademark and your legal rights to gain back control could be little to none. It’s a risk to start up a franchise in China because it’s such a new market, but most business ventures don’t start off easy. As the timeless saying goes, why not go for risk if the reward will be that much greater?

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